Candid Egyptian Ass

Every man knows that the most head-turner thing in a girl is a beautifully seductive shapely ass, no one can ignore a curvy butt walking down the street! and girls are fully aware of that ! this blog is a blog celebrating the beauty of the Egyptian butt, the pictures in this blog are contributions from different sources.hope that you enjoy your stay!

I got the boner once i heard her high heels clacking on the floor! And when i spotted her , boy.. this is a real horse !!

Her face 😣!!

Today i went to the movies with my girlfriend, and behold what a little minx god has thrown in my way!
I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of this magnificent ass, but to tell you the truth when this girl walks it is something completely different than the still pics! Happy eid

Asker hanaxohana Asks:
I would sit here and insult you but we both know the flames of hell are gonna do a lot more disfiguring to you then I'll ever have to
candid-egyptian-ass candid-egyptian-ass Said:

Still, we must agree that everyone has an inalienable right to go to hell in his own way !

I’ll be posting some good stuff i stumbled upon on the net !

Oh my days !!

Asker abych Asks:
how is taking pictures of people's butts artistic? especially when the subjects have no idea you're taking pictures of their butt for the sake of your 'art'? it's just downright rude and disrespectful.
candid-egyptian-ass candid-egyptian-ass Said:

My subjects are anonymous! Faceless! Unidentifiable! No one possibly can recognize them from their backwards. How in anyway am i rude and disrespectful to them, i never harass them physically or verbally on the contrary in the few instances in which i had personal contact with them i was the complete gentleman!