Candid Egyptian Ass

Every man knows that the most head-turner thing in a girl is a beautifully seductive shapely ass, no one can ignore a curvy butt walking down the street! and girls are fully aware of that ! this blog is a blog celebrating the beauty of the Egyptian butt, the pictures in this blog is a contributions from different sources.
hope that you enjoy your stay!
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wow ! just imagine the feel of such a plump curvy rich ass ! lol

little duck buying falafel !

keep it up man. you are awesome.
candid-egyptian-ass candid-egyptian-ass Said:

thank you, your message means a lot to me !

what a pity too blurry!

what you're doing is absolutly disgusting en so disrespectful to woman, you shouldn't take pictures of people without them knowing it en just post it on the internet! you're gross
candid-egyptian-ass candid-egyptian-ass Said:

hey miss, what i’m doing is absolutely none of your business! and i don’t take pictures of “people” and post them without them knowing, which i know is illegal and immoral ! what i post is pictures of Beautiful bottoms !! and i take good care never to reveal the identity of these girls and women ! the intent of these pictures is purely artistic ! lol